Best Player In The World Rankings: Week 1

Dating back to the beginning of time people, namely Barry Melrose, and most recently Peter Laviolette love to throw the best player of in the world term around.
So, we figured we'd make our own list for some reason. There is no criteria at all. In fact you don't even have to play a sport, or be a real person.

Best Player in the world rankings

1. John Koblin of Deadspin.

Koblin wrote this absolute masterpiece about some shady ESPN columnist. [ Deadspin ]
Unbelievable research, the story is completely insane.

2. Maury Povich

No better show on TV. DVR and watch at night to make yourself feel better about your life. Example:


3. Mike Richards.

Big time spring so far for Mr. Leadership. Very close to being the best player in the world in our opinion.


4. Bane.

Unreal debut in the Dark Knight trailer. You can actually understand him compared to the prologue.