Best Player In The World Index: Maury’s on top

Dating back to the beginning of time , people, namely Barry Melrose, and most recently Peter Laviolette love to throw the best player of in the world term around.

So, we figured we'd make our own list for some reason. There is no criteria at all. In fact you don't even have to play a sport, or be a real person. Feel free to submit your pick for consideration for the best player in the world index. Email us at

1. Maury Povich

No better show on TV. DVR and watch at night to make yourself feel better about your life. Example:


2. Lori Anne Madison

This 6-year-old will be competing in the National spelling bee:



3. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Total game changer.

4. Anze Kopitar

OT classic winner:


5. Pig on the parkway

Old Mcdonald is asleep at the wheel this week. Some pig was on the Pittsburgh Parkway. [ ]


6. The Cow and Bull having sex on rt. 28.

Not to be out done. A cow and bull got it on during Friday morning traffic. [ Kiss Morning Freak Show ]

"It's right in the construction zone so it's making a big mess out there, We've had cows hit by cars before … this is a first in my career. -State trooper John Corna


Others receiving votes – NA
Others never receiving votes: Claude Giroux, the blog Crossing Broad, The idiot that is suing the Penguins.
That is it for this week.