Best Places To Eat Before A Penguins Home Game?


An email from reader Banks W.:

"I am sending this email to request your help. My wife and I are flying to Pittsburgh to attend the Carolina game next Saturday. We have never been to Pittsburgh, and the writers of The Pensblog and the folks on C-Blog are the closest we have to actual acquaintances there. We would greatly appreciate any tips on places to eat, attractions, etc. We are open to anything from bar food to fine dining, just as long as it's good."

We wanted to get a list like this together for the Winter Classic, but we didn't get a chance to.
But, hey, better late then never.
If there is one thing we love to do other than go to Pens games, it is eat before Pens games.
There are two places we rotate between.
For our money, the best sandwich joint in the city.  Unreal fries, too. Cheap as balls.
A whole lot different than Uncle Sam's, that's for sure, but it is good as shit. And despite being upscale city, you can eat at the bar before the game in your jersey and jeans.  People take care of you there.  Their Lobster Mac and Cheese was served at the Last Supper.
Everyone has their own place to go.
Maybe shoot us an e-mail or leave your favorite place below in the comments.