Barbecue Bruce Opens His Fat Mouth Yet Again

Isn't there an ethics involved in shit talking?  You know, "talk the talk, walk the walk" and all that happy horseshit.

Well, if you're Bruce Boudreau, and your Washington Capitals haven't done jack shit against the Penguins since the Clinton Administration, you'd think that he'd hold off attempting to lay down the smack.

Or maybe he still thinks like the Caps fan grocery clerk in bumfuck western Virginia who tried to talk shit to me (with my Pens Cup Champs shirt) earlier this summer with a serious line of "Winter Classic!!"

Anyway, courtesy of DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg (who runs one of the better Caps blogs, in all honesty), check out Barbecue Bruce in all his splendor.

Caveat:  This video was shot in March, for some perspective.

Staff edit: Also: Boudreau indirectly verbally attacked Bylsma's kid.  Uncalled for.