Bad day? Well, at least you aren’t Matthew Barnaby


Via AwfulAnnouncing:

And now things have certainly spiraled to new lows for Barnaby as he was arrested for a DWI after spotted driving erratically on a rim, causing a lot of sparks that led to residents calling the police. Barnaby has since been let go by ESPN and there are signs of some more ominous things to come.

The first being that Barnaby's Porsche Cayenne was found to have a lot of damage to the front and missing a front tire, which obviously points to some type of collision that the police are still investigating. Also, these quotes from the District Attorney point to the possibility that the agreement regarding his past arrest may put his Unites States residency in jeopardy…

"I hope Mr. Barnaby has a good lawyer because he is going to need one," Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said.

Barnaby, 38, of Clarence, a native of Ottawa, Ont., who is not an American citizen, was told in July that his earlier charges would be dismissed only if he stayed out of trouble.

"He's potentially in jeopardy of deportation," Sedita said after his latest arrest.


Yikkkkkes. Somewhere Lyle Odelein laughs.