RECAP: Rocky Mountain High. PENS WIN.

At least one Pittsburgh team can win Denver.

The Pens did what they needed to do: got a big lead and got the hell out of Colorado.  The Stars and Avalanche aren't the 1980 Oilers or anything, but there's really no downside in the Pens riding into hostile road environments and taking 4 points. These 4 points move them to 81, 8 or so points behind the Rangers.  David Copperfield making his first appearance of the season on Monday.  And the secondary scoring is showing up almost on a nightly basis again…just in time for the playoffs.

Amazing performance by Pens fans on the road, too.

We got a recap:



Fast-paced and hard-hitting to start off.  Every game is becoming like this. You could sense the Penguins fans' presence right out of the gate. Sounded like a few "Let's Go Pens" chants.

Early on, Malkin's stick broke and he still tried to make a play.  Gabrashlong basically took a 10 strides before trying to deliver a deathblow on Malkin, but not before Malkin kicked the puck over so Paul Martin could get his first of about 5 chances in this game.

Every time you turned around, the Pens had some sort of rush going. In one of the rushes, Asham wound up. Top shelf laser. 1-0.

Insane amount of Pens fans.  Solid center-drive pick by Adams.

Something that has happened a million times this season: Less than two minutes later, Staal finds Engo. Best d-man pinch since Frankie Leroux.  What a goal by Engo.

2-0. Nasty pass by Staal too.

Avs didn't do much in the first. They did control the Pens first line. Malkin had a few turnovers. Teams really ramping up against the Pens first line. Something to watch for sure.

Staal drew a penalty late in the first. Pens had a powerplay going into the second.

MAF was solid again in the first.


Even though the Pens had a 2-0 lead, the first period still felt kind of even. In the second, though, they put the game away. About five minutes in, Malkin and Neal led a rush. Malkin dropped it to Paul Martin, but Martin couldn't get it on net. But Martin and the Pens didn't quit on the play. He collected the puck at the point and made a nice shot/pass to James Neal. Puck hit the post, but Malkin was in unreal position.

He cleaned up the trash. 3-0.  Some Pens fan said F yeah in the stands after this goal, nursing a beer.

Great example of what Paul Martin doesn't do well and what he does do well. He hasn't been great in the rush, but he has been good with vision from the point. Small steps in getting to know his game.

Richard Park got called for a terrible penalty. But it would pay off. After the Pens killed it, the puck was cleared just as Park was coming out of the box. Giguere was stunned.

4-0. Huge fourth goal.

Giggy pretty much lost his shit after that. He attacked Matt Cooke at one point.

Pascal Dupuis almost scored at least 13 times.


Downie got powerbombed by Engo for messing with MAF. Root Sports decided not to show it.

Pens put it in cruise control basically. The Avs scored some shit goal. Didn't even matter. Game was over as soon as everyone realized Joe Sacco was coaching the Avs.

Sullivan with the empty-netter.  Peace.


  • Asham with a solid scrap.
  • Ladaschlong was okay. Played hard at the beginning of the game and the end. yawn city.
  • Paul Martin had some chippiness in his game. Good stuff.
  • Actually, seems like the entire blue-line corps is ramping the physicality.  Niskanen almost killed someone.
  • NO injuries. 
  • Solid move with wearing DU shit during practice.