Ask @daverdave for Powerball numbers

For our Twitter contests, we ask people to guess the time and period when the first goal of the game will be scored.
Whoever is closest to the time wins the contest.
During the Devils game, we held the first contest.
Twitter user @daverdave won it.

Alex Goligoski scored the first goal of that game at 18:56 of the first.
Then came the Nashville Twitter contest.
A quick search of "@pensblog" on Twitter lets you see how many entries there were.
Nashville scores at 0:53 of the first period
We load all the entries and do a CTRL+F for "0:5"
Look who has won again, cryptic message included:
Disclaimer: @daverdave was not hating on MAF.
If you think Twitter is "teh gay," that's cool.
But @daverdave is a witch.
Also, it is impossible to tamper with this contest.
Tweets are timestamped, and you can not edit Tweets already posted, although you can delete them.
Regardless, while Derek was drinking pee, I, Adam, was casually looking at the Twitter entries before the game
and saw @daverdave's tweet appear on the timeline.