Asham City, Guerin, Malkin to wing
The signing of Arron Asham helps Shero finally put some shape to the top 12 forwards.
Shero said that he couldn't believe Asham has been available all this time.
Here are the Pens forwards.
Don't really care what the lines are right now.
Yeah, GuerinShero mentioned he's still talking to Guerin in a Trib piece.
The Sporting News also has some info and quotes about Staal moving to second-line center and Malkin moving to wing.

"The first time I asked (Malkin) how he felt about playing wing, he had the perfect response," GM Ray Shero told USA Today earlier this week. "He said, "What does coach (Dan Bylsma) think?' … I thought it was great, because I think he wants to do what's best for the team."

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