As the Penguins officially confirm contract, is there a secret meaning behind it?

The Penguins officially announced Crosby's new deal:

At first glance you wonder if that is allowed, but according to a few people in the know, it is more or less an agreement in principle so it is fine.
It's great news, but the mind is left to wonder, and in a good way, about the timing.
As we found out last week with the Jordan Staal situation, timing is everything. Jordan Staal rejected a deal from the Penguins, and he was promptly dealt.
There was no rush on this Crosby deal. Especially with the CBA battles looming, you'd think that the preference of the NHLPA would be Crosby to wait.
But the news broke quickly, and the Penguins confirmed.
All this three days before the beginning of free agency. Ray Shero didn't trade for any players rights, but this is as clear as a message as it could be to a guy like Zach Parise or Ryan Suter without talking to them before July 1.
Crosby is going to be here awhile, Malkin will follow suit, so come here, and let's dominate for a decade.
It could be agrued that Crosby star power alone led this deal to being leaked, but we'll call bullshit on that.
Timing is everything, and everything is about to happen.