Here Come The Crosby Rumors, Shero Responds; Bylsma to respond as well

It has been a peaceful summer. The days of spring, and hearing 7,000 different rumors about Sidney Crosby and his concussion seemed to be over.

Not so fast

As hockey approaches, here come the rumors. Shit started earlier last week when some joke tweeted that Crosby would not be ready for the season. It seemed that had faded until Sunday when a member of NHL Home Ice on XM tweeted this:




Puck Daddy says Rimer is a good guy and connected.

But it does seem that Rimer's report has struck a nerve, and the Penguins are reportly ready to respond.


Via Rob Rossi:


From that link:

Penguins coach Dan Bylsma is expected to address the status of superstar center Sidney Crosby today during an appearance as a guest instructor at the team's annual summer youth hockey school at Robert Morris University's Island Sports Center.

Rossi also just tweeted this:



Basically, it is a "here we go again," type of situation. As long as Crosby isn't dead it is hard to care about this. As long as Crosby is in the lineup next season who cares. 


Either way, get ready for shit-storm.


go pens