Apparently there is a Burgatory Bar in Consol now

According to the Internet and Burgatory's Facebook account, there is now a Burgatory in Consol now. It is up high in around section 206.

Burgatory is a decent, trendy restaurant out in Aspinwall. They have unrealistic milkshakes. Early reports are that the burgers at CONSOL aren't as big as the restaurant burgers and they are somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.50. No word about fries. Rumor has a milkshake being $9, which if true, you should just buy a cow and bring it to the game.

Time will tell on this choice.

In our opinion, Winghart's is the best burger in Pittsburgh, and it is in Market Square. 

Go Pens. Go food. If anyone eats at Burgatory tonight, let us know what's up