Another Piece of Hockey Brilliance From The Globe & Mail

From the same publication that brought us Angry Crosby likely to skip all-star game comes another gem.  This one is entitled Sidney Crosby’s health is a public trust:

Sidney Crosby’s health is a public trust. A healthy Mr. Crosby belongs to the fans and aspiring players everywhere. The National Hockey League and the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club failed to live up to their duty as guardians of that trust, and are now reaping what they sowed: Mr. Crosby will miss the all-star game this weekend (his 10th game out with a concussion), undermining the much publicized event in the United States.

Yes, as the article states, "the league has failed to understand the seriousness of head injuries."  That's true.  However, that applies to the entire league, not just Sidney Crosby.  Concussions are dangerous and can ruin lives, not just careers.  But that NHL has a duty to protect all players, not just Sidney Crosby.
Also, what the hell is that terrible caricature in the article?  Stephen S. draws better than that in his sleep with a broken hand.