And Much To Our Delight A Caps Fan Makes A Rap Video
Probably could write about Mario sending letters to the NHL. Or the GM meetings. Or something else.
But we'd rather share this:

Somehow there is a Jonestown joke that sneaks in. This is like an Eminem rap song if Eminem was a rich metrosexual. A few Crosby jokes too. All that's missing is a "Shittsburgh," lyric.
There is just so much wrong here.
UPDATED: Can't wait till CBLOG picks this apart more. JohnKlimas with the first shot.
The lyric at 1:14 mark:
"Pop some NHL in the playstation…"
On the Debarge Scale of gay:
The "I'm A Caps Fan," rap gets assigned this gif:

thanks to @twizzalicious for the tip