An Incredible Youtube Channel Of Pittsburgh Sports Shows Getting Pranked


@eddiespaghetti7  Found this insane youtube channel of pranks to various Pittsburgh sports shows and PCNC's night talk that seem to span over 10 years.
The Youtube channel is called NewThorOrder and it is a must see for anyone that ever placed a prank call to a sports show.
A sample of some of the best:

Brutal. Guy Junker was picked up on charges of solicting a hooker in the 90's. He got pranked a lot over the years. Incredible to see someone got it recorded.

Rule #67 of the Internet. Anytime you piss John Steigerwald off, you win. There are so many John Steigerwald prank calls posted. We've never seen someone be so unfamilar with the prospect of a prank call.



At the 6 second mark this GIF shows the terror Steigerwald was in as he reached for the kill switch.



Of course when on the subject of prank calls and Pittsburgh sport shows there is only one king.

John Fedko.

There are tons of Fedko pranks posted, but this one is maybe the best idea we've seen. 

R.I.P.  Bob Smizik hahhahahahah. Incredible idea.


There are plently more listed, including a really, really offensive 9/11 call involving David Johnson , and some calls that  send PCNC's John Mcintyre almost over the edge.

Link is above somewhere. Have fun.