An Impassioned Plea To Stop The Woo
Stop The In-Game Woo. 
The Pens players themselves aren't a fan of it.
The coaching staff doesn't like it.
And Lemieux doesn't like it.
So just don't do it.
As C-Blog mentioned, you're turning into a Caps fan.
Due to the fact that this is happening on a nightly basis in CONSOL, the woo'ers are season-ticket holders.
To the idiots who think we've asked people to woo during games, you're an idiot, and we're in no way responsible for the wooing that takes place at games.  We post pictures of Ric Flair, and that entices people to woo during hockey games?  Not sure how that works.  Regardless, Pens fans read this blog, and hopefully some of the woo'ers do, too, so we might as well do our part to attempt to get rid of it.
It was amusing the first couple blowout games where it was taking place.
Now it's just getting dumb.
So we're asking everyone to please stop the Woo.
If you're seated near someone who woos, stand up and embarrass them in front of the section.
You'll get a standing ovation probably.
This plea has nothing to do with what we perceive as our reputation. 
We were against this before people started blaming us for it.
Stop The Woo.
Go Pens.