All The Mean Things We’ve Said About Mike Comrie

The crazy thing about sports sometimes is that a player you have jobbed once, twice or a thousands times may someday play for the team you root for.
Only thing we can do is air out those feelings and start to root for that player.
In this case that player is Mike Comrie. Comrie is someone we have jobbed on a regular basis from, and now we must find closure in those jobbings.
The first clear instance of jobbing Comrie comes from this post. Don't Give Up. Pens Win
This happens on March 6, 2007 in a come back game against the Senators:

Less than two minutes after Staal's goal, Christensen takes full advantage of a dumb play by Mike Comrie.
He steals the puck and goes in with Gary Lemieux on a semi 2-on-1.

Get Roberts some Advil.

The play:
Man, Gary Roberts.
The next instance of jobbing comes from the Penguins/Senators in 07'. Salvation Lies Within. Pens Win.

Right off the bat in the third, Mike Comrie challenges Army to a fight.
They scrap. Mike Comrie's whole life is a joke.

The fight:
This is strangely a compliment from a crushing Game Four loss.

With 10:48 left in the third period, Mike Comrie just makes a great individual play.
Saucer pass to Anton Volchenkov.

Volchenkov grabs the puck in the high slot.


2 – 1.

Anyone talking about missing Ryan Whitney should be forced to watch that over and over.
From August 13, 2007. Great post. This is mentioned at the end.
After not alot of talk, it all begins here.
Thanks to Tee for this on [WWTDD]
Mike Comrie loves his life:

Can't wait for the first Isles-Pens game.
If no one photoshops Hillary Duff, we are ending the blog.
In late October it happened:

Brendan Witt got the puck to the net.
Mike Comrie gets a stick on it.


Hillary Duff celebrates the goal.
And then this from Feb, 8 2008.
Conk misplayed a puck, everyone craps themself, Mike Comrie flushes the toilet.
Besides feeding his dog, it was the easiest thing Comrie did all week.


The play:
More from that game:

Off the ensuing faceoff, Talbot and Mike Comrie square off in the most awkward fight since you fought that kid in third grade.
Another fight in Feb.
Kennedy won that.
March 2008.

The Pens have had a well documented problem with injuries this year.
But the Islanders are destroyed.
They hoped to get Mike Comrie back, but he had the flu.
Rumor has it, he is still heartbroken.

Speaking of the game tonight. We meant to post this last month.
Mike Comrie and his girlfriend Hillary Duff were "Brangelina" for Halloween. PUCK DADDY
After that, the trail of jobbing Comrie really goes dry.
Needless to say he scored like 80 goals against the Pens.
Oh and there was that time Charlie and Duff hooked up:
Welcome to Pittsburgh.
Go Pens