All-Star Lame: Our personal opinion

We were born in the mid-1980s.  By the time we knew how to locate our penis, we were watching as many Pens games as possible.  This was back in the day when *gasp* not every Pens game was on TV.  We remember being glued to the radio as Uwe Krupp scored that overtime goal to rob the Pens of a playoff spot in the final game of the 1989-90 season.  Maybe it actually was on TV, and our parents were unrealistically poor.
But to show how far society has come along, it took us 9 seconds to pull up that Uwe Krupp goal on YouTube:

In the early '90s, the only ways we could watch superstars from other teams was either watching SportsCenter or attending games at the Civic Arena.  So when the All-Star Game rolled around, we were all jammed up about it because we finally got to watch the superstars from around the league.  
As the mid-'90s hit, basically every Pens game was on local TV while ESPN and FOX had weekly hockey games, but the All-Star Game and Skills Competition were still must-watch television for us.  Even as the 21st century hit, the All-Star Game was still an event, since our stupid parents wouldn't let us stay up late to watch West Coast tilts.
Fast-forward now to present day.  The allure and mystique of the All-Star Game is long gone.  Any time we sit down at our computers or on a couch with a laptop, NHL Network is immediately turned on as background noise, and when our interest is piqued, we look up and watch Datsyuk score some unreal goal.  Every highlight of every game is readily accessible on the Internet.  You can sit down and watch any game in HD, online or with NHL Center Ice.  Blogs and dedicated news sites exist that satiate every possible hockey erection we have. 
Which is why we basically can't get it up for the All-Star Game anymore.  There's really no reason to watch it.  The score is gonna be like 13-10.  That's not a hockey game.  That's just hockey players going through the motions.  Not sure anyone notices or even cares, but we haven't pushed All-Star voting and shit over the past couple years.  Waste of internet time.  
Are you going to watch the All-Star Game?   That doesn't make you an asshole.  Our feelings about the All-Star Game are our personal opinion.  And that may lead to another reason why the All-Star Game is meh for us.  In running this blog, we can go toe-to-toe with anyone in terms of hockey-information intake.  So when a meaningless game like the All-Star Game rolls around, we take that time to rearrange stuff in the cockpit as we prepare for the three-plus busiest months of our year.   Suck it.
The Skills Competition has always been a fun night, though, and continues to be so.  We have nothing against it.  We'll be watching that shit Saturday night.  But on Sunday, we'll probably be watching Tombstone and/or porn.