All about Tomas Vokoun

 The Pens acquired Tomas Vokoun to be the backup goalie for the next season. Vokoun will replace Brent Johnson who was the back up goalie for two years. Johnson went 29-18-6.


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Vokoun was brought into Washington last year to be the starter. Right off the bat things didn't go well. Vokoun didn't start the season. He was injured off and on, and with all the shit going on with the Caps it was a bad. 

RMNB with a fantastic summary:

His family did not make the move with Tomas, he left them back in Florida for the year, and while $1.5 million is certainly enough money to fly them in again, the situation seemed mishandled and quickly took on a life of its own. Vokoun’s agent Allan Walsh told the Washington Times:

“He was told he was coming into Washington as the No. 1 goalie. They were very public in their comments about that. … There’s a certain symbolism attached to who starts the first game of the season at home. It doesn’t mean he’s not a No. 1 goalie. But this can certainly be perceived as a slap in the face.”

We reached out to our boy J.P. at the JapersRink. Here is what he said:

Started strong. Hit a rough patch in November when the whole team went to shit. Rebounded in December and was awesome, had some bumps in January, was great in early-to-mid-February, then was done with the groin, more or less. His month-by-month splits are almost funny. Almost.

From Dec. 16 through Feb 18, 11-6-2/2.00/.935. After that, terrible. Really, the only bad hockey he played while healthy was a during the Boudreau implosion. He gave them a chance to win nearly every night – they just couldn't score for him (or anyone).

2*$2m is a great deal for you guys, but I'm a Vokoun fanboy.


Some stats on Vokoun

  • Overall record 287-284
  • .917 lifetime save percentage
  • 2.55 GAA
  • He has 48 all time shutouts
  • He is 39-30 all time against the other teams in the Atlantic division
  • He has been an All-Star twice
  • He is the Nashville all-time leader in saves (9,657), loses (159) and wins (161)
  • Best record against a team: 20-8 Columbus
  • Worst record against a team: 6-18 Dallas




  • Vokoun and MAF share an agent : Allan Walsh
  • Vokoun all time is 84-60 on Saturday nights. No clue what that means.
  • Statistically he is the second best Czech goalie of all-time. Although there is only 13 goalies on the list, and only nine have played more than 50 NHL games.
  • Vokoun has wore 29 his entire career. 



He once fought Miikka Kiprusoff:

He almost got killed by his own teammate:


Possible Puns

Infinite possibilities:

  • Doubting Tomas
  • Tomas the tank engine:


Great leadership by Thomas the Tank Engine.

  • Peeping Tomas
  • Uncle Tomas
  • Mount Tomas
  • Tom-Tomas
  • The Book of Tomas

Overall, we're pumped about this move. Brent Johnson was a good dude, but a change was needed. This could be the best Pens backup since the legend that was Ken Wregget.