A recap of the Skills Competition

–Can't remember the exact particulars, but Malkin and Letang both participated in the big breakaway relay at the end.  Ryan Suter acted like a whiny bitch. 
–Zdeno Chara and Shea Weber had a huge brodown in the hardest-shot competition. 
–In the decathlon of skills, all three Pens made their presence known.  Letang was lofting one-timers into the net all business, Neal had a solid accuracy rate on the four corners, and then Malkin had to stickhandle through orange things.  Kimmo Timonen almost made us turn off our TVs when he couldn't pass the puck into those mini nets. 
–Scott Hartnell and Claude Giroux did the Double J salute at center ice during the introductions.  Just shows how much they respect the living legend.
–Steven Stamkos had one of the best breakaway moves of the night when he did a spin-o-rama on Carey Price in the breakaway relay.  Or maybe it was in the slam-dunk contest thing they do now.    That thing is the most awkward thing on television.  Patrick Kane put on a cape.  Can't talk about it anymore.
–We forget who said it, but next year, it'd be cool if the NHL did a contest where some fans could have a chance to score on breakaways against the all-star goalies.


All in all, a fun night.  There are people who probably died Saturday afternoon and didn't get to watch it.  Tons of pics after Read More…


Here's Malkin's sick move on the Big Joke.  He softly threaded it five hole.


Here's Kris Letang skating.



Iceburgh trolling hard.





Pics from Getty