A recap of the All-Star Game Fantasy Draft


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We took a crap on the All-Star Game itself recently, but there we were Thursday night, settling in, and, with nowhere else to turn, flipping on NBCSN to watch the Draft.

And it'll probably happen on Sunday, too.

The draft started out with Chara, Alfredsson, and host James Duthie having a quick meet-and-greet, as Senators fans in attendance made their first appearance in their role as the most annoying entity of all time.   It'd be funny to boo Joffrey Lupul like once or twice and get a laugh.  But, no, they had to show their disdain for Lupul every time he opened his mouth.  Then they wouldn't shut up even as they saw the captains about to announce their next pick.  And to top it off, wise guys felt they had to time the silence right in order to yell out a one-liner they've been practicing for 2 days.  Sucks.

Then came the actual selection of players.  Danny Alfredsson was the ring leader of an Ottawa Senator circle jerk as he kept picking his teammates.  He was a couple beers away from trying to make out with Erik Karlsson.  

Chara and Lupul were on the other side quietly building their team.  They took Geno 3rd (5th overall).  Alfredsson took Letang's hair a little later.  And Neal finally went to team Alfie like halfway through.  

To add to the mayhem of this night, TSN's James Duthie decided to pull a mini Jim Gray and ask Tim Thomas about the White House scandal.  Duthie immediately started the interview by saying how it was an interesting week or something, then decided to blast him with further questions. Thomas answered it how he should have, but that whole thing should've been put to rest a day or two after it happened.  

It was one of Duthie's few missteps on the evening, though.  He's the Joe Flacco of emcees.  He just manages the event.  The broadcast could've been much more awkward if it wasn't for Duthie.

And finally, speaking of awkward, Alyonka Larionov made her first appearance in a while, running TSN's social-media push during the event.  She herself is not awkward, but the whole reading Tweets verbatim thing made you cringe.   It's not like there's anything else to do in that position, either. 

There seems to be a lot of angst directed toward Alyonka Larionov from Pens fans, too.  Maybe some women are jealous she was so close to the Pens players.  Maybe some men don't like her because they are gay.

 And it also could just be good old-fashioned hate for another human being.  Oh, well.


-Pics from Pens website.  Michelle Crechiolo at the Pens site did a solid job covering the draft last night, too.  Lots of quotes. [ PENS ]