A quick history of P.K Subban’s slew footing

So far the Canadian media has not had much to say about P.K. Subban's dangerous slew foot on Chris Kunitz.

Elliot Friedman of Hockey Night In Canada commented on it on Twitter:

If this was Matt Cooke (or Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins) we have a feeling there would be more "analysis" from the media.

But not when it's Subban.

We've watched P.K. Subban do this sort of thing against the Penguins three times and, quite frankly, leaving this relatively unpunished is a joke.

Let's review why we are so pissed off.

First victim: Jordan Staal – April 30, 2010

29 second mark.

This is the least vicious of the slew foots, and maybe it's not even a slew foot, but the others make you question the intent. Staal was out until later in the series. 


Second victim: James Neal – November 26, 2011

Subban got nothing for this while James Neal was fined for a high stick. ProHockeyTalk nailed it with this headline: James Neal fined for being slew footed by P.K. Subban


And then, last night, the third victim: Chris Kunitz.

That's just a dangerous play right there and pretty clearly a slew foot.


Darren Dreger of TSN has finally chimed in: "Subban fined $2500 for 'dangerous trip' on Kunitz."

Remember everyone, it was a "dangerous trip," not a "slew foot."

Puck Daddy has more on Subban's tendency to commit "dangerous trips."