A Great Article on Concussions

Yes, we've all heard too much about concussions. Yes, we're all sick of Sidney Crosby updates or non-updates or not enough updates or whatever. Yes, we should be talking about the players in the actual games. However, this is a really good article from Pittsburgh Magazine on concussions. Yes, it's from the summer, but everything in it still applies. Sorry for yet another Crosby post.

Sean Conboy talked to concussion specialist Dr. Micky Collins about concussions in general. From the piece:

A concussion is not a headache, and overcoming it has nothing to do with toughness

In the frustration that has started to percolate in Crosby’s prolonged absence, a growing minority of Penguins fans have begun employing unfair comparisons. They point to former Penguin Ryan Malone taking a puck to the face and playing with a broken nose in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals as a counterpoint to Crosby’s long layoff. But a concussion isn’t a surface injury. It’s a neurological crisis which only gets worse as a player tries to fight through the pain.

We'll all have to just keep waiting.

Now go read the rest of the article.

Credit to THANK YOU BASED GOD from Cblog for pointing this piece out.