A farewell of Zbynek Michalek


In the summer of 2010, Shero was all about the Pens' blue line.  He signed Paul Martin and Zbynek Michalek to lengthy deals.  And now only Paul Martin remains.  Michalek is gone.

His 2010-2011 season made Shero look like a genius.  From even the first preseason game, we all could see that Michalek's size alone was something the Pens' blue line needed.  Then as the season wore on, his penalty-killing prowess was the stuff of legends.  He wasn't flashy.  He was a bigger, stronger Scuderi who could move the puck.

But then came 2011-2012.  Then came a concussion.  And It seemed like little injuries plagued him all season.  He didn't look anything like he did in 10-11. 

We're pretty sure that if Michalek was making $2mill or something per year, he would still be a Penguin.  This was a cap move.  July 1 is looking more and more interesting.