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If you want to see some great pics of Training Camp:
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Tons of great posts with recaps from the first day of Training Camp: Da 'Guins Blog has a solid recap. Metzer has a writeup that should be in the Library of Congress. [ From The Point ]
He has some revealing stuff from Arron Asham, and Mike Comrie is an enigma.

"Though I mentioned Comrie above, there is a bit more to share. He has been very vague in answering questions about his goals and expected role for this season. Sure some of that is just a veteran hockey player watching what he is saying, but some in listening, you get the vibe that maybe has been told that the will have a chance to skate with Crosby or Malkin. He talks about the fact that for him, this was the best fit for being successful. He was specifically asked about playing the 3rd center role today and sort of blew that off as something that wasn’t a strong possibility." — From The Point Netwolf from LGP details the MAF-Malkin event. [ LGP ]

"Later in the session, Malkin was chasing down a loose puck behind the net. Fleury stepped out and set a pick on him, so Malkin bumped into him. Fleury fell and lost his stick in the process. As the puck was worked back out in front, Fleury dove for it and covered it up. As he got back up, he threw the puck at Malkin before going to retrieve his stick. The crowd enjoyed it." — Netwolf from LGP

Did Kris Letang report to Training Camp as a pirate? Tons of info from, too.
Well over 6,000 fans in attendance.
Guaranteed less than 6,000 people have ever watched a full episode of "The Big Bang Theory."
Here are the groups for the practices:
Some of the things we saw:
>> One guy we were looking forward to seeing was defenseman Simon Després.   He was sharp.
He's the Pens first-round pick from a couple years ago.  Smooth skater.
Not sure what will happen this year, but Deprés has a big future.
We're not looking forward to accenting that é every time we type his name.
>> Robert Bortuzzo was another guy that looks like he is ready for primetime.
The Pens' defensive depth is deep as balls.
>> Jobber Jessie Boulerice jobbed Zbynek Michalek in the scrimmage.  Dangerous player.
>> Group B is in your mouth. Cooke and Asham are going to be legendary.
Asham was booed after netting an assist.  No excuse for that at all.
>> Puck Bunnies should have their own section at CONSOL.  In the parking lot.  Or in traffic.
>> We were most interested in Group C.  Malkin-Comrie-Tangradi skated together.
They're gonna be all business at Sunday's practice.
>> Disco mentioned it this week, but seriously…watch out for Brett Sterling.
He is exactly like Chris Bourque (even wears number 12).
The only difference we noticed between the two is that Sterling doesn't suck.
>> We forget where we saw it, but someone said that the players gave the CONSOL ice surface a "meh."
Adam was a late scratch to go to the first day of Training Camp.
But Derek went, and Katie O'Malley from Pens TV snatched him up:
Gotta love how we still have to watch these ads when we just want to grab the embed code.
Thanks to @kylekebert for making these. Tons of people showed up for Flyers camp. [ Hockey Buzz-Flyers ]
Bill Guerin was impressed.

"I'm happy to see a lot of orange out there today,” Guerin said. The Capitals' training-camp mantra for this season is… "Stay angry. Believe in yourselves." [ washpo ]
We can't find the link, but we remember reading that Hitler told his troops the same thing.
Speaking of the Caps, PHT has a story on the Caps' GM and why he stood pat this summer. Good piece by ProHockeyTalk: Training camp battles in the Atlantic. [ PHT ]
Disclaimer: Our part was written before the Staal setback was announced. Kudos to @jjhancher for calling us out on Twitter.
We said last week that every day we miss a Link City, we will fine ourselves $1 and donate it to charity.
Done and done.
Stephen A. sent this video along.
A.) If you have this big of a boner over pictures, you aren't gonna use a disposable/reusable camera.
B.) If your grandparents (or parents) buy this, it could be the onset of dementia.
C.) Linda R., you live in a revitalized city gaining notoriety for its tech savvy.  Don't be an idiot.
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