MORE LINK CITY: Tampa’s PP, Neal Guarantee, Pack mentalities's PP% against the Pens in the playoffs: 4 for 11, 36%.
Their PP% against the Pens in the regular season: 8 for 21, 38%.
This isn't going away., there are some games being played between the Tampa and Pittsburgh locker rooms.  Tampa has PACK MENTALITY posted up in their locker room as motivation.  This somehow reached the Pens, so they have a sign in their locker room that reads PACK OF WOLVES MENTALITY.  It has become a rite of spring for Gene Collier to start busting out Pens columns.  Solid article all around.  [ PG ] in that article, Crosby's been spotted in the Forum carrying a basketball around. info from the Lightning locker room.  They're putting together a "puzzle" in the shape of the Stanley Cup.  Each win allows them to add a piece to the puzzle.  Puzzle-solving 101, dicks: Find the 4 corner pieces first.  [ TBO ] Louis said he was thankful that the stick to the face he took from the Dentist didn't cause a concussion.  We know concussions are a hot-button topic, but St. Louis is a pansy. [ TBO ] in that article, Lecavalier talks about the intense hitting in the playoffs, since he is such an expert on the subject.
And finally, we have a good track record when it comes to instituting the Million-Dollar Guarantee, especially in the postseason.  So we're bringing one out for tonight.