LINK CITY: Series previews and Ryan Malone sucks
Other than all the Crosby talk, one of the big storylines is the "return of Pittsburgher Ryan Malone."  Guaranteed the only reason he's coming to Pittsburgh is so he can steal a bunch of gold bars from underneath the Steel Plaza T Station like in Die Hard 3.  Start hating him now.  Because he sucks.  Always did. Burnside is picking the Pens in 7, but his 83-paragraph preview goes out the window when he says "James Neal will have to continue to step up." [ ESPN ] Sports Net has the Pens in 7.  [ FSN ] Sports has a series preview. [ CBS ] Cook at the PG thinks it's a foregone conclusion the Pens are winning this series, which isn't good. [ PG ] don't have experience. [ Trib ], they don't have experience. [ TBO ] Pens have grit, and they don't quit. [ TBO ] vs. ROFLoson. [ TBO ] Tocchet breaks down the series. [ Trib ] at some restaurant in Halifax say Crosby ain't coming back.  [ Jobber site ]
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