4 Things to know about the Islanders

Who we'll hate, who to be scared of, and more.

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1. Where the Islanders sit in the East.


2. What previous opponent fanblogs said

Days of Y’Orr:

Bad news when Rick DiPietro is your only healthy NHL-caliber goalie left. Who thought we'd ever say "healthy" and "DiPietro" in the same sentence?


3. Player that will piss you off.

The one and only Rick Dipietro. He will dive around and play out of his mind against the Penguins.

1. A few years ago he got high sticked in a pens/isles game and acted like he died.

2. He is personally responsible for the Ambush on the Isle situation. 

He is one of the most infuriating goalies in the NHL. If he doesn’t get hurt walking to the arena he’ll probably start.


4. Player that will score

Jay Pandolfo

An all-time Penguins killer. Going through some of his stats he only has eight goals against the Penguins. He has 14 points in 65 games.

Those numbers don’t seem like a big deal. So why does it seem like he is a Penguin killer?

Here is why:

In Pittsburgh, in 31 games he has 6 goals, two of which are game winners. He recently just scored his first goal of the season, so you can bank it he is scoring tonight.