2012 PLAYOFFS and Twitter: Times have changed

Over the past couple years, Twitter has basically become an extension to this blog.  As Twitter has grown, we have more and more frequently used it to disseminate shit as fast as humanly possible. There is a reason that Twitter is called a microblogging service.  
Now we're in the playoffs, and there is information to be consumed basically all day, every day.  There will definitely be tons of shit that come to our attention on Twitter that we won't stop and make a post about.  So if you're still living in 2008, you should probably take like 8 seconds out of your day and follow us.  This doesn't mean you're succumbing to an Internet fad rabble rabble.  Your sense of self-worth will still be intact.  No one even has to know you do it.  But just do it.  Honestly, we just don't want any readers left out of the loop on anything.  It's a busy time. Don Cherry jobbed Crosby over the weekend.  Didn't mention here on the blog.  Guaranteed it's in one of our timelines.
And you don't even have to follow us.  Go through this list over the next couple days and see what you like.  There is nothing else to do.  You may even grow to like some people that we retweet a lot that aren't on this list.  Couldn't list every single person of all time here.  There are probably people not even mentioned here who you should follow.  Internet is a big place.
*Make sure to CTRL/Command click these links.
— for anti-Staal and pro-Tangradi sentiments.
–This account has a spider-web effect.  good times.
— amazing pics every game basically.
— you'll know why.
— must-follow
— he doesn't always tweet, but when he does…
— Kiss — They give out tickets.
— Kiss — They give out tickets.