VIDEO: Sidney Crosby is raging

New Sid commercial via the FreakShow: For some reason we got really jammed up when we saw this commercial. Probably because we just want to see Crosby come back next season and literally incinerate someone on the ice. No idea what's up with that hammer in there either. God help Claude Giroux. Gif […]

Mike Colligan looks at the Pens and European players

So true. Recently, the Excellence of Execution Mike Colligan looked at how interesting the relationship has been between the Pens organization and European players.  More over, he takes a look at the personal side of things when it came to Zbynek Michalek, something that had astonishingly been overlooked by nearly everyone.  Until now.  [ HW […]

Richard Park Signs With HC Ambri Piotta

Via via Sean Leahy, HC Ambrì-Piotta also signed Jason Williams (who played in Pittsburgh and WBS last year) in May and the team is coached by former Pens' coach Kevin Constantine.

Happy Birthday Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby is 25 today. Happy Birthday Sid. 87. Woooooooooo

Two Upcoming Dek Tournaments in Mt. Pleasant

One thing we don't do enough is promote local hockey leagues, and Tournaments. Really want to do that more in the upcoming months. So if you know of one, drop us an email at There are two upcoming tournaments located at Hot Shots in Mt. Pleasant.   Here are the details for the first […]

Oh look, Howard Baldwin bankrupted another hockey franchise.

From Jeff Jacobs at Baldwin crashed, burned and has left about 15 court cases against him in the ashes. They stem from mounting debts that, frankly, I have no idea how Whalers Sports & Entertainment is going to repay. Jacobs column is awfully similar to this Ron Cook 2003 column, where Baldwin played the […]

Someone got arrested for Wooing. Your move, Consol.

via The Stratford Star: Deshawn Fields, 18, of 306 Bond St., Bridgeport, was just "being stupid for no reason" according to Stratford police when he proceeded to repeatedly yell "woo" at people along Main Street, Sept. 18. He'll have to explain his reasoning to a judge on Aug. 3. Fields was the passenger in a […]

GIF’s of the season: 45 days till camp

Counting down with our favorite 45 gifs from last year. Well, at least until we forget or just abandon it altogether. The 45th favorite gif of last season: Fat Capuano crying man from. [ October 25,2011 Recap ]

Brooks Orpik You Can Play Ad

This aired on ROOT Sports during the Pirates game: Apparently @youcanplayteam for more info.

Happy Birthday Evgeni Malkin

Evgeni Malkin turns 26 today. Basically, this is an excuse to post a bunch of great Malkin goals. Enjoy! Happy Birthday.

The potential good and bad of signing Shane Doan to a 4-year contract

This was the rumor posted from the Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch: Phoenix captain Shane Doan is reportedly looking for a four-year, $30-million deal to leave the Coyotes. The talk is the Penguins are prepared to put a four-year, $24-million deal on the table if they haven’t already. Few things about this, first off. Garrioch is […]

Giroux blaming Crosby for Flyers’ second-round defeat

Updated photoshop via thefandangler:   Here's something from some site: At a perhaps slightly exaggerated 5'11” and 172 lbs., [Giroux] isn't the biggest guy in the world. He's not missing teeth à la Flyers legend Bobby Clarke and his face is yet to show any major battle scars that are pretty commonplace among professional hockey […]

The final stages of the Shane Doan saga could start today

Now that Semin signed with the Hurricanes, the only other big name linked to the Pens is Shane Doan.  And it appears today the wheels will be put in motion on Doan's decision on where to play according to USA today: Doan will chat over the phone with potential buyer Greg Jamison Friday in what […]

Starling Marte joins Kaz Matsui in exclusive club

Throw the term "exclusive company" around when it comes to baseball, and you think of the 3,000 Hit Club or the 500 Home Run Club.  But baseball history is filled with little nuggets of statistical quirks. Take for example what Starling Marte did Thursday night.  The first pitch he saw as a Major Leaguer went big […]

Alex Semin goes to Carolina

Jordan Staal could have a new linemate and the Pittsburgh Penguins have one fewer option at wing. The

Bleacher report author is very upset and claims we defamed him

Got this email last night: (click to enlarge) If you can't read it: TBP Writers, I was surfing the internet and came across an article from last year discussing an article I'd written for Bleacher about Penguins announcer Paul Steigerwald. It can be found here: While criticizing my writing or Bleacher is […]

Weber remains a Predator, not a becoming Flyer

Shea Weber won't be a Philadelphia Flyer as the Nashville Predators have matched the Flyers' huge offer. Weber now will remain with the Predators (in the Western Conference) for the next 14-years, unless he's traded. You have to think that the offer sheet was helpful to the Preds in at least one respect: There's not […]