UPDATED:REPORTS: Major shit happening right now in NYC

The Internet is buzzing. As of 10:20pm Tuesday night Players and select owners are still meeting. Ron Burkle is a major factor in the talks: Hearing that Ron Burkle has been voice of reason today. Obviously, with Crosby in room it creates a interesting dynamic. — John Shannon (@JSportsnet)

Crosby okay at hockey, not sure how that will get the lockout resolved

Everyone is touching themselves over this meeting tomorrow. [ USA Today ] Crosby has taken part in talks before. He was there when the NHLPA made its initial proposal in August and again in October when the union presented three counter-proposals to the league's 50-50 offer in October. Plus, his team's owner, Ron Burkle, will […]

LINK CITY: Owner Jeremy Jacobs is a terrible person

Pic via our boys at Days Of Y'Orr Interesting stuff on the Internet. Usually the cry from people who don't know any better about the lockout is this: "THIS IS ALL GARY BETTMAN'S FAULT," While that is probably true, the Internet has turned it's lazers on Boston Bruins owners Jeremy Jacobs.  This article lays it […]

LINK CITY: NHL mediation today,Crosby and Malkin Tumblr search of the day

  Somewhat big day in the negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA. A federal mediator has been brought in.  But don’t get to jammed up about it.[  SportingNews ] “The federal mediator is simply trying to get the collective bargaining process to move more productively,” said Daniel E. Lazaroff, a professor at Loyola Law School […]

Mario Lemieux’s 1992 contract was above NHL rules.

Reader Gary P.  sent this along. So I'm going through some old newspapers that I used to keep back in the day whenever there was good articles on Mario and I stumble on this crazy article written by your boy Molinari back in 1998. Apparently there was some interesting finds in Lemieux's 1992 player contract. […]

The Stephen S Print Shop 2012

Despite all of the negativity and lockout garbage, Stephen S continues to draw. This is what he's got in store for everyone this year:     Production for Archer Season 4 has kept me plenty busy (especially after being put in charge of making images for the social media feeds for Archer and Pam ). I still made time to do […]

More NHL Games About to be Cancelled

From TSN and the "we all expected this" file: With no collective bargaining agreement in sight, the National Hockey League is expected to cancel all games through December 14 this afternoon and will also cancel the 2013 NHL All-Star Weekend in Columbus. The move will bring the total number games cancelled to 423, which includes […]

Ed Snider refutes earlier article, still appears to be giant ass bag

Ed Snider refuted an earlier article about him turning on Gary Bettman. From An article appearing in today's Philadelphia Daily News is absolutely erroneous,” Snider said. “I am a solid supporter of National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman and the League in this unfortunate situation. “Like all fans, players, owners and League officials, I […]

REPORT: Flyers, Pens forming an unholy alliance to end the lockout?

The NHL lockout is as close to the 11th hour as it gets. After last weekend's meltdown, and this week's " 2-week break," this is as low as it has gotten. But in what could be a sudden, and shocking twist, the Flyers owner Ed Snider, a long time Bettman supporter may be fed up. […]

REPORT: NHL and NHLPA thinking about taking a break

This makes as much sense as Ross and Rachel's split in the mid 90's. According to the NHL and NHLPA are thinking about stepping back: The offer was made during a phone conversation on Wednesday and didn't produce an answer. According to the sources, Fehr told Bettman he would need to bounce the idea […]

Gameday: Leafs @ Pens December 27, 2000

Man where were you when you heard Mario was coming back? No one circled the wagons quite like 66. The game is on ROOT Sports right now. Apparently you can add #vintagepenguins to tweets and they will be on air or some shit.  Go Pens   UPDATE, here are the lineups: