WEEK 2 PS3 – New rules on trades/Deadline

We're still learning as we go. But the first week was a sucess.

Some rules for week 2.

–  Wednesday  at 11:59 pm is the deadline for the second cycle of games.

– For trades, for some reason trades don't happen until the cycles are complete. We had a lot of guys try to trade the same player. And this rejected the deals.

New Rule:

When you accept the trade, please tweet @tpbderek and the GM you dealt with.  We'll announce the trades on the site so you guys can track them.

Again here is the list of GM's. And for whatever reason if you aren't up to playing in this just let us know.


PS3 Username Team Twitter
TheJoker710 (commish) Sharks @eddiespaghetti7 
thecityy12 Blackhawks @tpbderek
darnay195 Rangers @MikeDarnay 
Avizzv92 Flames @AaronVizzini 
snapboing03 Blues @snapboing03 
Matt_m18 Preds @FreakyMeriki
kobashi_187 Lightning @kobashi187
lgp871171 Hurricanes @pensfan871171
O9I_AM_LEGEND_09 Pens @J_Wenk09
J-Bone8771 AVS @jmcguirk152
Yogin8311 Oilers @Yogin8367 
timothiefieder Stars @timothiefielder 
LetsGoPens877111 Canucks @whetstonej
deuce5189 Flyers @rmiller5189
Zjedi945 Wings @Pens_MINI66 
Brianskiwj71 Blue Jackets @brianski71 
blipsmcgee Ducks @StewNefarious 
WizkaRieka Caps @riekermj
jaschiff habs @jaschiff155 
xxxStakeIsHighxx Bruins @JYanalunas 
Ordizzle4Shizzle Panthers @ordizzle 
kfb22 Sens @KBJelly
pDavisr2 Leafs @PatDavisRiley 
Dmorrison38 Isles  @patmorrisonsbro
inept13astard Kings @Inept13astard 
kanon87 Wild @darkdart19 
LegendKiller24 Sabres @akeat24 
jzaiger Devils @jakeyzaiger
Flipperbaby Coyotes @30hertzrumble
Snowbrdr1016 Jets @Sticks1610S