Rules and List of GM’s for our league

The league is almost full. Here are the basic rules:

– Once you are done with your cycle of games contact the commisher via the mailbox option on the league screen.

– Once we get up to speed we'll get things moving.

– If you can't play anymore let us know.

– Really not making this that hard, just communicate.

Here are all the users and known twitter accounts:

PS3 Username Team Twitter
TheJoker710 (commish) Sharks @eddiespaghetti7 
thecityy12 Blackhawks @tpbderek
darnay195 Rangers @MikeDarnay 
Avizzv92 Flames @AaronVizzini 
snapboing03 Blues @snapboing03 
Matt_m18 Preds @FreakyMeriki
kobashi_187 Lightning @kobashi187
lgp871171 Hurricanes @pensfan_871171
O9I_AM_LEGEND_09 Pens @J_Wenk09
J-Bone8771 AVS @jmcguirk152
Yogin8311 Oilers @Yogin8367 
timothiefieder Stars @timothiefielder 
LetsGoPens877111 Canucks @whetstonej
deuce5189 Flyers @rmiller5189
Zjedi945 Wings @Pens_MINI66 
Brianskiwj71 Blue Jackets @brianski71 
blipsmcgee Ducks @StewNefarious 
WizkaRieka Caps @riekermj
jaschiff habs @jaschiff155 
xxxStakeIsHighxx Bruins @JYanalunas 
Ordizzle4Shizzle Panthers @ordizzle 
kfb22 Sens @KBJelly
pDavisr2 Leafs @PatDavisRiley 
  Isles @cameronjKnight
inept13astard Kings @Inept13astard 
kanon87 Wild @darkdart19 
LegendKiller24 Sabres @akeat24 
jzaiger Devils @jakeyzaiger
Flipperbaby Coyotes @30hertzrumble
Snowbrdr1016 Jets @Sticks1610S

Tweet @tpbderek to add your twitter account to this.