XBOX 360: GM Connected Sign-Up Information


Tuesday, September 18, 2012 — 8:18p.m.


First off, commit to this.  For the sake of everyone involved, once you decide to be a part of this, grab your sac and compete until at least this first season is played through.   What kind of commitment will be expected of you? Well…


We will call it "the schedule cycle."  Each schedule cycle in GM Connected equals two weeks of the real-life NHL schedule, consisting of 82 games.  For this league, we can condense that schedule to 3 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks, meaning you have that amount of time to play the same number of games an NHL team plays in a given 2-week time frame.  That could be 4 games sometimes.  It could be 6 other times.

The quicker the games are played, though, the quicker the schedule can move along.  I wouldn't have dreamt of trying to organize this if the NHL wasn't in the midst of a lockout.  But now we all have a bunch of free hockey time on our hands.


I purposely organized this through Twitter because communication is key.  You will fill out a form below that will include your Twitter name, XBOX gamer tag, a rough estimate of the times you're available to play games, and a couple things I want you to vote on before the league is made.


Let me know on Twitter that you don't think you want to join this now. @tpbadam


A couple of things will get you kicked.  Don't take it personally.

1. If you're not playing games.  There are extenuating circumstances like vacations, you're moving into a new apartment, business trip, whatever the case is.  

2.  If you're slowing the league down.  If you are routinely the last player to get his games in during every schedule cycle, you're probably holding everyone else back.  

3. People that gain the reputation of being glitchers/cheesers/whatever will get bounced via a majority vote.  Word will quickly spread around the league if you're a tool.  We're not gonna let one or two jokes mess up the league for everyone else.


Again, try your damnedest to see at least this first season the whole way through.  The reward at the end of the season, which is absolutely nothing, definitely won't justify the amount of time you put into the league.  There may be varying skill sets among the members in the league, which could be an issue in this first season.  But if there's a noticeable division in skill sets, everyone can use this first season as a stepping-stone to a couple separate leagues with more balanced skill sets among the members, which would make the GMC experience better for everyone down the road.


No big deal if you don't think you can commit to this.  Just let me know on Twitter so we can fill your spot — @tpbadam.  If you are on the fence after reading all of this, you'll probably flake out of the league eventually.

But if you are still interested, you will be filling out a quick form below. I will be using all this information to make a trusty guide everyone can use in terms of scheduling games with others, discussing possible trades, conspiring to overthrow the Commissioner, etc.

There are also some things I want you to take a vote on in this form, as well, which I'll use to build the GMC league, which hasn't even been created yet.


Team selection will be completely randomized.  As you are reading this, I have already randomized the 30 NHL teams in a list.  Penguins may be at the top of that list; who knows?  I have not looked at the list.  Teams will be assigned in correlation to this form being submitted.  For example, if the Penguins are the first team in the randomized list, the first person to submit this form will be assigned the Penguins.  Once I see a bunch of people submitting their form, I will sign up, as well, in fairness to everyone in the team-selection process.