User List and Team Assignment

NHL Default Rosters beat out the Fantasy Draft option 16-14 in the closest vote in TPBHL history.  View all the voting results here.

If you don't like your team and want to leave the league, let me know — @TPBHLcommish — by 6:00 Thursday night.  Also, feel free to contact others on this list asking for possible team swaps.

League is scheduled to be open for requests at 8:00a.m. Friday morning.

@8_nL — Nashville Predators
@alb4619 — Florida Panthers
@Andino61 — Washington Capitals
@BlitzburghBrian — Toronto Maple Leafs
@bmont84 — Columbus Blue Jackets
@butterjc81 — Pittsburgh Penguins
@C_Longstreet — Minnesota Wild
@demangone — Calgary Flames
@Despres4Calder — Winnipeg Jets
@EricP55 — Anaheim Ducks
@ewawrykow — Dallas Stars
@FR32H2D34TH — Buffalo Sabres
@himynameisroman — Edmonton Oilers
@hockeymeesh — Los Angeles Kings
@JarJar018 — New York Islanders
@Joe_Gap — Tampa Bay Lightning
@Jon_T_Henderson — Detroit Red Wings
@jrkrush2112 — Philadelphia Flyers
@Larrydavid27 — Vancouver Canucks
@MikeBrickHere — New York Rangers
@Ozman51 — Chicago Blackhawks
@Phil88Berube — Carolina Hurricanes
@PolishHMR — Colorado Avalanche
@R_Allinder44 — St. Louis Blues
@racketss — New Jersey Devils
@roy_mcdonald — Boston Bruins
@Solidan21 — Ottawa Senators
@SubjectDNB — Phoenix Coyotes
@Sultan_of_Stat — San Jose Sharks
@tpbadam — Montreal Canadiens