Rules for playing against CPU

To avoid any disputes, these rules will be followed to the letter.


From here on, schedule flips will be on Tuesday night 9:00pm and Saturday night 10:00pm.

1. Following the schedule flip, the designated HOME TEAM for a game has 24 hours to reach out to the opposing GM asking for a game time.  If the HOME TEAM receives no response after 24 hours, he's allowed to play against the AWAY TEAM'S CPU.

2. If no communication has been made after 24 hours, the AWAY TEAM reaches out to the HOME TEAM GM.  If there's no answer after 12 hours, the AWAY TEAM can play the HOME TEAM'S GM.

3. If the AWAY TEAM doesn't respond within 24 hours to the HOME TEAM'S initial communication, the HOME TEAM will play against the AWAY TEAM'S CPU.

3. All CPU games have to be preapproved by the Commissioner (@TPBHLcommish)

4. Anyone who plays another team's CPU without preapproval gets kicked from the league.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. If both GMs have been trying to get together but can't get together for a game, the game will be simmed.