And here come the Jerome Iginla Rumors

It was only a matter of time before this started. Pierre Lebrun had a really good read on this today:

As I reported last week and it’s been reported elsewhere, the Penguins are believed to have interest in Flames winger Jarome Iginla but just how much they’d be willing to pay on that front, or whether Iginla would have any interest in waiving his no-trade clause to go to Pittsburgh, who knows. Not to mention that the Flames haven’t yet decided whether they’re even moving Iginla. 

Some other good Shero quotes in that piece.

As Lebrun mentions, who really knows if the Flames will even part with Ignila. But he is a UFA in the off-season, so can they risk losing him for nothing? Also worth asking will the price in a trade even be as high as it  could because he is  UFA?

Look back at some other deals with soon to be UFA's. The price the Devils paid for Kovalchuk was low, really same for the Penguins and Hossa.

At 35, Iginla has some hockey left. He did play with Crosby in the Olympics as well. Just saying.

Via the Cap Geek Trade Machine:

Knowing the Flames they would probably want a first round pick too. Jay Feaster is the worst.

All-in-all the price may be too high, but get ready for this to be an extremely hot topic.