Your Own Personal Game 7

In the movie Arachnophobia, some 1990s town is destroyed by spiders.
Jeff Daniels plays the charming role of some jobber who apparently is the only person with the ability to kill spiders.
In the movie’s climax, Daniels is in the basement surrounded by spiders.
He’s in his own house. There’s no way out.
Game 7.

We’ve all had our own personal Game 7.

— Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time.

— The second onset of have-to-shit-now goosebumps with no bathroom in sight.

— Your muffler falling off your truck on Bates Street in the pouring rain.

— Changing your left-rear tire on the shoulder of I-79 on a 2-degree January day.

— Walking into a room where you know everyone in the room hates you.

— Driving high for the first time.

— Having to pay a bill knowing an overdraft fee is lurking.

— Serving 6:00pm Christmas Eve mass as an altar boy.

— Stuck in the dead zone wondering whether you should hold the door open for that old lady who’s just now getting out of her car in the handicapped spot and you have no clue how fast she’ll walk to the door.

— Some girl is faster than you thought she was, leaving you totally unprepared.

— Driving down the road, hoping the driver of the next car going the other way didn’t just catch his wife cheating on him and he’s hell-bent on crashing head-on into the next vehicle he sees.

— The light turns yellow in the aforementioned dead zone.

However big or small, we encounter Game 7s in our daily lives.
Game 7s have no logic behind them.
Game 7s can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.
The decisions you make in those moments will stay with you until you die.
When the puck drops at 7:11pm tonight, it will begin carving itself into history.
Another chapter.


God knows where we will be this time tomorrow.
Will we be planning for the Bruins and/or Flyers?
Or buying tickets to a Pirates game?
The one thing we’ve learned from any Game 7 is that it is all about the little things.
— Don’t say anything stupid when you meet your in-laws.
Play it close to the vest.
When a funny quip is left hanging in there above the dinner table, take it, then retreat back.
— Making that split-second decision to go for broke and try to relieve some pressure in your intestines.
Will it be a squeaker? Will the person next to you feel the seat vibrate just enough?
Or will the plan totally backfire?
— Will you call Triple A? Or suck it up and have 18-wheelers ruin your church clothes by sloshing winter muck into your mouth?
— Will you close the door on the old lady and get to the back of the convenience store as quick as possible to convince yourself that the old lady was walking too slow when the doorbell dings signaling her entry?
— Will a priest touch your penis right before the Apostles Creed?
How do you react? A champion doesn’t flinch. You’re there to do a job.
— Will the Penguins score the first goal?

Games like this make us wish Al Gore would have invented the Internet a little bit sooner.
How nice would it be to look back on all of the previous Game 7s?
Even though it brings us pain, it’s therapeutic to look back at the 2008 Game 6 SCF recap.
The way technology is, we’ll be able to do that from here on out.
Most of all, as with all Game 7s, we will all remember something from this game.
  • Kevin Stevens’ face ’93.
Still remember that haunting slo-mo. Rich Pilon. Man.
The game-tying goal from that game still sends chills.
  • Frank Pietrangelo ’91:
Game 7 is around the 6-minute mark.
— Can’t really remember much from the ’96 Game 7, which is fairly stunning. Went through most of our adult lives thinking that Zubov scored the game-tying goal. Turns out it was actually Nedved.
If you want to see something unreal, LGP has a database of games no one has ever told us about.
Game 7 against the Panthers lives with the full box score and recap.
“The first goal was huge,” MacLean said. “Coming back after they tied it up was even bigger.”
There are some other things in there. Jesus.
— Norm Maciver scored the easiest goal of his career against Jim Carey in a Game 7.
— Game 7 against the Devils in 1999 isn’t talked about enough.
— Buffalo Game 7. MAF Glove City Game 7.
— And then…
Osgood failed Geometry.
After the jump, a rumor of a gameday character…and Penguin Dogs.
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Go Pens.
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