You Toews’d Us, Bro. PENS WIN.

Went into the third period of this game up 4-2.  We've been there before. We've been on both sides of the equation.  Three weeks ago, the Pens lose this game.  But the Pens are finding ways to win under Disco Dan.  And without Crosby.
If we respected every team like we do Chicago, we wouldn't have a blog.
The telltale sign = zero Blackhawk photoshops in Gmail.
MAF makes 41 saves and wins the game, but he's not the first star in anybody's book.
That honor goes to Jonathan Toews.  What a player.
Kunitz comes through with a goal in his first game.
Still way too early for a magic number, but for this week, we had the Pens penciled in with a win against the Isles and a split of Chicago/Dallas. Do it.
Dan D.
Bob Ross
Kelcy (Soy)
Ryan P.
Evan S.
Dave Spence
What a performance.
picture 20
After the national-anthem singer tries to deepthroat his mike, the puck is dropped.
Kunitz gets the early shift with Staal and Kennedy.

After some early jobbing and some settling of nerves, as this felt like a playoff game, Gonchar carries the puck into the zone. It gets jobbed, and he just gets it on net. Rebound. Jordan Staal scores. 1-0.

Blackhawks were no jokes. They come right back.
Big-time scramble in front of MAF. No dice.

Jordan Staal is gonna come out with an energy drink consisting of his sweat.
He gets an unreal shot on net. Gets the puck back, gets it in deep.
Chris Kunitz City. 2-0.

May have found a winger for Staal. Trade Crosby.

The Blackhawks were pissed.
They come flying down again, but MAF says no dice.
Then Malkin splits the D, but Huet actually makes a save.

TK takes a penalty, and the Blackhawks power play steps onto the ice.
If Chicago is gonna go deep in the playoffs, they have to show they can sc
Goal. Bob Barker blast. Toews deflection. 2-1.

The rest of the period was all about the Blackhawks channeling Rex Grossman with turnover after turnover. Nothing doing.

One of the quickest periods of the season.

picture 24
A few people sent in this video of some nutjob in Toronto.
picture 21
Sykora-Malkin-Tenko come out all business early in the second.
Tic-Tac-Tenko can't finish.
Then Brian Campbell takes a penalty.
Powerplay. Yeah.

Hawks kill the penalty, then both teams fall asleep for a while.
Then Gonch takes a penalty.

Penalty kill.
Blackhawks just job around. Nice powerplay.
Toews get a lucky bounce. 2-2.


The Blackhawks smell blood. Polish City almost puts one home.
It all gets squashed when they go to the box.

Chris Kunitz used the opportunity to show what he can do on the PP.
Looked sharp. But the Pens can't score.

Then the Pens have to kill their own penalty, and MAF makes the save of night on Seabiscuit in front of the net. Pens kill the penalty, then Malkin-Sykora-Letang go nuts. Huet makes his third save of the night.

The Hawks come back, and Tenko shoots it over the glass. Wow.
Goal. Toews deflects it in. Hard hats, of all things, litter the ice for the apparent hat trick. But Don Koharski calls that nutjob in Toronto. The ice-level view behind the play was the conclusive evidence.

Cameras aren't high-speed, obviously.
But still easy call no goal.
He knew it, too.
-eric p.-
Chicago fans vomit on themselves.
Some lady in the stands acts like Martha Stewart went off the air.
We reached the end of the second, and the game was still up for grabs, obviously.
Given the ebb and flow of the period, no one expected what happened next.

After the Blackhawks shut down the Pens life on a PP, they make a huge mistake with a turnover down deep. The Pens capitalize.
Satan is there to put home a MAF-esque rebound. 3-2.

Staal AND Satan?
While you're Google-searching "hell freezes over," Dupuis and Talbot hook up for another goal. 4-2.
If you don't appreciate that behind-the-net pass Dupuis made, we don't even know.
Giving up a goal at the tail end of the period is shit.
Giving up two? Lights out. Yeah right.
picture 24
We've spent the last couple days with the new Safari browser. It's not too bad. APPLE

iPhone users, there's a sick app in the App Store called "Spell Number" that will let you add emoticons like the stuff above. There are millions of little icons. HERE'S THE WALKTHROUGH. It's free. Only other iPhone users can see them.

picture 22
third period

Hawks make a goalie change, which always has the chance to wake up a team who thinks they're done for. Satan helps their cause by taking an early penalty.

Toews gets his hat trick. 4-3.
Like 8 seconds into the third period.


The Pens came out for the third like jokes, and the Hawks knew it. They were completely owning the play. Disco calls a big timeout to calm things down. It works. Things get settled after that.

After some jobbing, Malkin beats out an icing call, which may have been the first time the Pens had possession of the puck in the third. Regardless, both goalies were making some no-name saves.

It was a chess game, and then Scuds sees his ex-girlfriend in the stands.
Puck over the glass.
All of the Hawks' goals had been on the PP so far.
MAF shuts the door on that PK, though. Huge two minutes.

Not a huge two minutes and three seconds. Goal. 4-4.


There was definitely a sense of urgency. No shit.
But we have the solace of knowing that giving the Hawks a point in this game doesn't matter to us. Just get there.

Gonchar and Havlat go off, then some joke trips Malkin.
Malkin and Sykora try to end it. No dice.

picture 23
The powerplay meant nothing until Gonchar was out of the box.
And then there he was. He gets under center.
The Hawks' goalie gets screen at the right time, as he doesn't even see Gonch pass it to Malkin on a screen to the flat. Twine. Game.



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