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With the win on Saturday, one man has been made into a hero.
Yanni, whose tour date of May 12th forced the NHL into scheduling back-to-back games, has placed the Pens one game away from eliminating the Caps and advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals for the second straight year.
We do not agree with Ted Leonsis trying to rally the Capitals fanbase
into despising Yanni and putting his life at risk at a potential Washington tour date.
More on that after the jump.
Here’s how tonight would go if we worked for the Pens:
Jeff Jimerson comes out for the national anthem.
“I’d like to welcome a special guest to help me tonight.”
A spotlight beams toward the Zamboni entrance.
All you see is a piano amidst a serene white cloud.
Then a dove appears.  Followed by a second.
And all of sudden he appears seemingly out of thin air
with his skate laces tied in a harmony of criss-crosses.
Dressed in all white because there is another whiteout.  [Pens.com]
As he takes a lap around the ice surface, no one can say a word;
rendered speechless by his flowing locks.
Upon his return to the piano, he and Jimerson unleash a 22-minute, awe-inspiring, sweeping rendition of the national anthem that sets the Mellon ablaze and sends 14 people to the hospital.
Caps don’t have a chance.
Crosby buries it a minute into the game.
This needs to happen.
After the jump, a call to friendly arms.
If you’re like us, you feel for Yanni’s safety at a rumored Verizon Center date
scheduled for the second leg of his tour in July.  LINK.
We feel Yanni may be in grave danger.
Is there another kind?
We have posted our concerns on the official Yanni message board:
If you share our sentiments, please send your concerns to the following e-mail address:
For everyone’s convenience, we have pieced together
an official threat-awareness message to send:
To whom it may concern,

I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins National Hockey League team.  We are currently watching an enthralling playoff series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.  As you have probably already been made aware of, the owner of the Washington Capitals, Ted Leonsis, has unfortunately tried to place blame on Yanni’s concert dates in regard to the scheduling of the aforementioned playoff series, while the Penguins organization has remained silent, well aware that all forms of art are to be appreciated.

Attendees at the Verizon Center, the arena in which the Washington Capitals play their home games, have been known to shout hateful comments at performers as well as throw alcoholic beverages and other objects at performers.

Given the unfortunate situation in which Mr. Leonsis has placed Yanni, we feel that these Verizon Center attendees may blame Yanni for any tribulations the Washington Capitals come across in this current playoff series and may make it impossible for dedicated Yanni fans to enjoy his smooth jams at the Verizon Center; possibly putting Yanni’s life at risk.

Pittsburgh is with Yanni 100%.
Thank you for your concern regarding this issue.

Download an 11×17 printout at RETALI-8.COM.
ICE ALCHEMIST comes through again.
(They are reacting to the P.A. announcer saying Malkin scored the goal.)
That was your mom’s nickname in high school.
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