Yanni Breaks The Silence


Yanni didn't express apologies or regrets. He instead cited his experience
"as a former national champion swimmer" for native country Greece.

"I empathize with the athletes competing in the NHL playoffs

and understand the pressures under which they perform," the statement said.

For his part, Yanni thanked all involved – particularly the Mellon Arena – for "recognizing the importance of presenting the highest quality sports and entertainment to the fans of the city of Pittsburgh."

And then Kevin Blackistone, "the black dude" on ESPN's 'Around The Horn,'
decides to job Yanni recently in this FANHOUSE column.
After the jump, is Ovechkin knee-hunting?




is cheapening the pedestal that we reluctantly have put him on.


"It's very frustrating. To watch Alex Semin get tripped, to watch Boyd Gordon get it in the head and see Steckel get interfered with," said owner Ted Leonsis, shaking his head as he left the Verizon Center, still remembering the image of Steckel almost ending the game with a point-blank shot in overtime that went wide.

"In 10 years as an owner in this league, I've never once been on the power play in overtime."


7:48 mark.  Alex Semin got tripped?

He's trying to weave through four Penguins and tries to jump in between



is that a tripping call?  Jesus.


Even if you're Rocking your Red sunglasses,

you cannot call yourself a hockey fan and say that's anything close to a penalty.


8:42 mark.  Boyd Gordon "gets hit in the head."
Did he mean when his head hit the ice on the Louganis dive?
No clue where and when Steckel was interfered with.
The only interference going on there is Steckel interfering with the Caps' chances in the series.
In 10 years as an owner, you haven't had a power play in the playoffs.
Does anyone even care?  What a bizarre thing to say.
Not to be out done, Varlamade comes out with some crazy shit.
He doesn't know how to speak English. But he can complain in his language.
From [NHL.com]

Varlamov, however, didn't like the way Sidney Crosby collided with him in overtime, shortly before the goal. (Crosby ran over Varlamov on a break-in; his shot missed the net.)

"I wasn't injured on the play," he said, "but I think he collided with me on purpose, in order to get me out of the game… But I continued to play, so he obviously wasn't successful at that."

7:16 mark. Uh… really ?
Did Bing even touch him?
If anything, Varlamov tried to take Crosby's legs out.
Do the Capitals have something in their water bottles that make them delusional?
Series tied at 2.
Is this game even on TV?  What a screw-up.
7:30 Versus
Carolina can end it.