Yahoo 2.0

We've been pointed by a couple e-mailers to a post Puck Daddy did back in late December that possibly was the first time a Crosby-TheRock comparison was made.
Unfortunately, the title had "Crosby" in it and it was on Yahoo.
So we didn't read it.  And we still haven't read it.
So we can still sleep at night.
It is possible that all three of us homos had the same idea.
We are staking our claim on Crosby-Mr. Perfect comparisons.
Mark it down.
Over at PUCK DADDY today, there's a big-time post
about how Ovechkin is leading some online poll for MVP at USA TODAY.
The poll was generated by Kevin Allen polling 11 of his buddies
in some "power ranking" format.
Ovechkin received 10 of 11 first-place votes.
Zach Parise got the other.
A Devil getting an MVP vote?
You have to wonder if there's a Devils fan in the Professional Hockey
Writers Association who is trying to pull those strings.
Ovechkin's look-at-me style of play is what's gonna get him the Hart.
Out-of-market journalists will touch themselves when they see highlight reels.
Ovechkin's shooting percentage:
50 goals on 468 shots.  10.7%.
Almost lower than the Pens power play.
For comparison's sake, there were only 400 shots in the entire Civil War.
Can't say Ovechkin doesn't deserve it.
And you can't say Malkin doesn't, either.
Speaking of MVPs, we have one of our own this Tuesday.
This is Anthony B.
He was featured in the PD Crosby video.
And he has given us the breakdown on what went down
when PUCK DADDY visited Washington looking for Crosby fans.
Anthony B. sent this in:

Just wanted to let you know how things went down when Greg was getting his interviews that afternoon.  I was walking around the upper concourse with my buddy to get to my our seats when Greg stepped in front of me saying he's looking for some Crosby fans (my jersey and hat I'm guessing made me a dead giveaway) to talk to and asks me if I'd do a quick interview.  I 90% recognized him because I check out his blog every once in a while as well, so I said sure.  He started out asking general questions, why I liked Crosby blah blah blah but I quickly informed him I'm actually a bigger Malkin fan than Crosby, but I appreciate both for the different things they do.  At this point he actually jobbed me for being a Malkin fan but wearing Crosby gear, so I was forced to inform him that college kids don't exactly have the budget to drop $150 on a jersey whenever they damn well please.

I went on to tell him how I love the talent and individual moves and unbelievable shot that Geno awes crowds with, but I also love the way Crosby sees plays develop before everyone on the ice and how he's a the most cerebral player I've watched in recent years, citing the numerous passes that seem to surprise even his teammates seemingly every game.  Conveniently, that part of my roughly 3-4 minute interview was left on the cutting room floor.  He was obviously fishing for certain digs at Crosby, trying to coax Pens fans to admit Sid is a whiner and that he gets a lot of undeserved hype.
That's all we have to say about that
That unreal story surrounding the Crosby-Cup shadow pic is coming Wednesday.
And if you're the one who actually made the photoshop, e-mail us.
We have no clue of its origins.

go pens.