A few people emailed this in this morning.
Guess they played this clip at the Pens game this weekend, and it left people stunned.
Looks like another run of the mill video, until the :41 second mark. Kids were asked to show off their goal celebration dance.


So who's making that into a gif?


go pens



One looks like he’s suffering from constipation and diarrhea at the same time.
One looks like he’s from the opening credits of Law & Order.
One looks like his life partner just broke up with him.
And one just saw that some dude is writing shit on his girlfriend’s Facebook wall.
The Great One stepped down as coach of the Coyotes.
First time a rat jumped from a ship after it sunk.
Just an FYI.
Last year, the Pens marketing revolved around “It’s A Great Day For Hockey.”
This year, it’s “Defy Ordinary.”
And the new-look Pens website is in the best shape of its life.
go pens
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