Winter Classic In Pittsburgh? No Thanks.


"The Pirates have informed the NHL that they're interested in hosting the next Winter Classic which, they hope, could star Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals taking on Sidney Crosby and the Pens."
Ummmm no thanks. Almost have to wonder if this is Pirates pulling a dick move after the Pens leaked the story of 66 trying to buy the bucs.



Having the Pens in any outdoor game in the next three years is a mistake for several reasons.

  • Next year is the first year of the Consol Energy Center.Why the hell would you want to play one less game there?
  • Anything involving the Pirates is a bad idea. The Pirates are the organization that won't even post Penguin scores in their building.
  • The Penguins are already the most over-exposed NHL team there is. Lets tone it down a little bit.
  • Home teams have won like 1 game in January on the North Shore.
Go Germany.