Win Today, And We Walk Together Forever


Good morning.
And welcome to the biggest day of our hockey lives.


Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals is like every time you have sex.
You never know when you'll be there again.

24 hours from now, we may be standing on the Birmingham Bridge.
Or we may still be partying on Carson Street.

Regardless, as soon as that Cup is raised, Penguin Fever,
that feeling only hockey fans can feel during a playoff run, will disappear.

A new message

"There is a dry-erase board in the Penguins' lounge area in Mellon Arena that generally lists information about practice times and sites, flight times and other such mundane matters.

Not yesterday.

There was not a single word written on it as the Penguins were preparing to head to the airport for their mid-afternoon flight to Michigan.

Nothing but a photo of the Stanley Cup, with a Penguins logo and the message "Yes, We Can" emblazoned on it."

We (Derek, Adam, Rick, Stephen and Charlie) wanted to say thanks to everyone.
For the comments. For the e-mails. For the links. For the photoshops.
For bearing with us as we made the switch to the Bloguin Network.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a privilege flying with you.

Thanks for checking the site out.
Thanks for spreading the word.
Thanks for printing out signs and plastering them everywhere.
It was the season of Carrot.
The season of animated .GIFs.
The season of E_NOLOGIN_ACCESS.

We will be back full throttle for the 2009-2010 season.
We aren't going anywhere.

After the jump, there's more reflection.
Time to look at the biggest plays of this playoff run.

Game One was whatev.

Game Two was the game Philly had to look back at and wonder.
In the third period, with less than 7 minutes left and the Pens down 2-1, Fleury made his first big save of the playoffs.


We'll stay in Game Two for the next big play.
Bill Guerin is one tough son of a bitch.


Game Three was bullshit.

Then Game Four was probably one of the toughest games for the Pens in the East.
No defining moment other than an eventual game-winner.
But it was just a huge victory.
Game Five was arguably the Pens' worst game of the playoffs.

And then we came to Game Six. Just watch this whole thing.
Talbot further building his legacy.
5:17 mark — Fleury makes a save that we'll never know how truly huge it was.

It feels like we should thank the Caps for this series.
It was the most entertaining of any series in these playoffs.
Your balls were falling off twice every game.

Games One and Two. Eat us.

Game Three.
Much like that Fleury save on Lupul, we don't know in fact how huge this goal was:

Game Four.
All we saw in that one was that Varlamov was shaky.

Game Five. Close as balls.
Malkin in OT.

Game Six was like eating Chuck Noll's poop.

Game Seven. On the road.
A lot of buildup into this one.
Wasn't what anyone expected.

Hard to pinpoint the biggest play of this game.
It was probably Adams scoring to make it 2-0 after Crosby's goal.

Who are we kidding? Check out the 0:15 mark.

Game One. Game Two. Game Three. Game Four.
Lights out.

The Penguins scheduled to play tonight who have SCF Game 7 experience?
Ruslan Fedotenko and Craig Adams.

Craig Adams didn't do much in Game 7 with the Canes in 2006.
But he does show up for Game 7s:

And then we come to Ruslan Fedotenko.
His résumé in Game 7 of the SCF is as follows:

Commercial break.
Everyone has been making videos. Beth F. made a solid one with some of everyone's chops.





1971 Canadiens Parallels


By now, you have heard the 1971 Canadians were the only team to win Game 7 on the road in the Stanley Cup Final after the home team

We didn't think there were many parallels.
But Mark Madden found them.

He mentioned the following:
  • The Habs changed coaches midway through the season.
  • The coaches name: Al MacNeil.
  • Guess who Al MacNeil once played for: The 1967 Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • And where was he born: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Not sure what that even means at this point.




The article of a lifetime over at [].

The breakdown everything you need to know about Game 7's.

There are so many little stats.
Our two favorite:
  • Penguins have never lost a road Game 7. (4-0)
  • And then this: the last road team to win a title-deciding Game 7 was the Pittsburgh Pirates, who defeated the Baltimore Orioles 4-1 at Memorial Stadium in the 1979 World Series.


How this isn't on YouTube is unspeakable.




And finally, Dan Bylsma himself played in Game 7 of the SCF in 2003.
He recanted it during a presser this week.
Jesus. Go Pens


Had to.