Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

What a gay title.
Pens grabbed up Tony Granato to be an assistant coach.
He fills the void left by Tom Fitzgerald scoring a big goal in the 1996 ECF.
Granato looks like a Batman villain.
But the best part of the pickup is that he is unabashed badass in the city.  Having a "player's coach" like Bylsma is great.  He has a Cup already.  But you can foresee the players getting lazy, thinking the coach is one of them and they can just sleepwalk through shit.
Enter Tony Granato and his balls.   He will crack the whip.
He is the yin to Bylsma's yang.
Not to mention, Granato will get in a fight with another team/coach this year.
Wonder what team it will be?
And Janne Pesonen is playing in Russia next season.
(It's not "this season" yet.  But we're getting there.)
Pesonen was up for a cup of coffee last season but spilled it on his junk.
He had a cool name and a great song waiting to be played at the Mellon.  No dice.
Go Pens.