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Who Knits At A Hockey Game? Pens Lose


Best thing about being a hockey blogger is that we don’t have to write about games when we don’t want to.
Have to feel bad for the beat writers of the Pens and people that actually have to get all in depth.
Oh wait, beat writers don’t do that in Pittsburgh anyway. woooooooooo

If you’ve watched hockey long enough, you know that there are games like this in an 82 game slate.
Like really what else is there to say?
Seriously, though if you’re bashing people right now. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Good for Minnesota, though. They’ll be pissed when they won’t win the lottery because they won this game.

The only two things people will bring out of this game:

A. This lady apparently knitting behind the Pens bench:
Guess you could say she was “defying ordinary.”
But for real, those are like 144 dollar tix. David Morehouse’s head just exploded.

B. Crosby fought some guy.

No idea why the linesman don’t let them go. Crosby’s check to the NHL must have cleared. Can’t wait to hate all week.
Check out the bizarre FSN note:
Replace furnace filters regularly? No shit.

More thoughts:
  • Chris Bourque dressed up as invisible for Halloween.
  • Al Goligoski 23 shifts, 24:48 minutes played. Average of 1:04 per shift. What a player
  • Dupuis is playing good hockey, had a bunch of chances versus Columbus, in addition to his goal last night.
  • Great pass by Orpik to Kunitz. Huge block by Havlat.
  • Skoula continues to impress.
  • Wild scored with .1 second left in the first.
  • Cal Clusterfuck is a pretty good defenseman for Minnesota.
  • Halloween costumes and pumpkins montage today some time. Suck it.
  • Paranormal Activity is decent. The mental mistakes by the guy in that movie are surreal.


Uh really Yahoo? “stunning,” loss? Pens have lost three games all year. Two out of three Yahoo has refered to it as “stunning.”

Get real.

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