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Who Cares. PENS LOSE.


There is a scene in “Jurassic Park” where Dr. Grant, Tim, and Lex are rushing like balls to get off the electric fence before the power gets back on. Big-time drama. Dr. Grant and Lex make it, but Tim gets fried.
Dr. Grant then proceeds to give him mouth-to-mouth. Tim comes back to life.
What does this have to do with where the Pens are right now? Nothing. We just have always thought that the relationship between Dr. Grant and Tim would have been grounds for some big-time investigation if it happened in today’s world. In 1993, it was fine to give mouth-to-mouth to a little boy. But now people would be asking if Dr. Grant maybe stayed down a little too long. Maybe he enjoyed it a little too much. Fact.
Think about it.
You’ll never watch the movie the same way again.
Trust us. We watch the movie twice a week at least.
Too close, man.

We are far from professional writers. We’re not even professional bloggers. We ask people to send us pictures of Sidney Crosby peeing on things. We just don’t feel like talking about the Pens right now. We should be doing the same old bridge-jumping, highs-and-lows stuff right now. We don’t feel like it. We don’t have a reputation to protect. We’ve been around long enough for people not to accuse us of being the ever-feared fairweather/bandwagon fan. It’s friggen November. And the Pens suck right now. If you feel slighted, lick us. Or lick Tim.

No clue what to even talk about right now. We aren’t gonna force mundane analysis about an NHL team that is duct-taped together right now. There’s too many injuries affecting the lineup to even think this current losing streak means something. It doesn’t. Who cares.
Actually, our apathy toward the Pens is centered around Chris Bourque. New rule: We aren’t recapping a game until Bourque scores, retires, or is sent to the minors. Being a healthy scratch is not part of the negotiation. Yeah, he had an assist in this one, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Wide open net. wtf.
  • Geno could come back Saturday. This would make it the best weekend since Jesus came back.

  • At 6:45 of the third Kunitz dropped a “Oh F*ck.” Some needs to get that one on YouTube.
  • Dating back to ’07-’08, including this season, the Pens are 15-15 in November. Whatever that means.
  • New Jersey’s system is flawless right now.
  • Watched entirely too many Devil games in our lifetime.
  • Crosby hit two posts on the same powerplay. PP is 0-27 without Geno
  • Eric Godard did play:

His total ice time according to [ON ICE REPORT]

3:26? That is rough.
  • Lovejoy kicked a puck in his own net. Tough break. Defense did what it could. Thought Engyylllyyanland had a good game again.

To end on a happy note, some highlights from Wilkes Barre.

Keven Veilleux is a monster.