Karma Police

Now in all seriousness, the Penguins losing to the Sharks in San Jose is no surprise. It is Karma still paying the Pens back for the humiliation they used to inflict on the Sharks. Nothing was better when you were 10 or 11 and staying up to watch late games on KBL. The games were over within the first 10 seconds. Buries It would have like 3 goals before you’d turn around.
To prove the point:
[courtsey of PENS UNIVERSE]
49 points in  14 games.
Anyways, whatev. Pens return home this week. Thank god.
We got nothing else, so check out this cool video youtube guru DayWalkr3 captured.
Inspired from Bings save against the ducks.
Top ten saves by NHL players.
Now excuse us. We have to find some medicine for our tongues. Hurt them licking stamps so we could mail it in this weekend.
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