What To Do: UPDATED Happy 18TH Anniversary 1991 CUP

These two-day breaks are mud.
Odds are the players love it, though.
Plus they get to take in the sights around Carolina.
When we think of some, we'll make another post.
After the jump on this Memorial Day edition:
— A detailed account of RBC Center security…
— Some more tailgating pics
— And a heartwarming story from the banks of the Clarion River…
First up:

I had an experience during game three of the Eastern Conference Finals that I would be willing to Guerin-tee no one else has ever had in there life. My family and I were camping in the middle of nowhere along the Clarion River, as we often do, and needed to find a place to watch the game. Early-ish that day we went to find a bar that had versus and allowed people under the age of 18 to go there (being that my sister and I are still to young to even drive). Well my parents found a place not to far from our camp and we showed up there a half hour before the drop of the puck. Once there we found a spot at a table with other people from around the Pittsburgh area and enjoyed there company while waiting for there game to start and through out the process of the game. Everything seemed fine (well as fine as everything can seem during a playoff game), until the second period was about half way over. At this time the electricity at this bar went out. After a few minutes had passes, about 75% of the people at this bar had left. My family and the other people who we were talking to before were some of the people who stayed, hoping the power would come back on. My father and I went out to the car to see if we could get a radio signal. Lucky for us we did get 105.9, which had the game being called by Mike Lange, but the station was not the X. So bizarre. Well anyways, pretty much all we heard was that the score was still 3-1 and the second period was over. And then, this is where the night takes a very unexpected turn for the best. A man who looked to be in his 20s comes to the bar a tells us that he lives 2 house down and still has electric. He invites the entire bar to his house to watch the game. Obviously the dedicated fans there jumped right on this offer; as long as I can watch the game, I’m happy. My family, the people we were sitting with, and around five other people, including an elderly man who happened to grow up on the same street as my dad, all went to this friendly stranger’s house. I was the last person to walk through the door and just as I did, the puck dropped for the start of the third period. The warmness that you feel when hanging out with complete strangers by sitting outside The Igloo couldn’t even compare to the way everyone there was feeling in this room. The gratitude we all felt towards this man and his sister for opening there doors to nearly 15 strangers for no reason more than the love of the Pens could not be put into words. After the game became blow out-ish, the after party planning began. The man invited us all to stay and sit out at his camp fire to celebrate the win. How could we refuse that offer? The whole night was fantastic and life changing. This is just one of many instances that show the goodness and trustworthiness of this fan base that I am very proud to be a part of.

Yours Truly, PittsburghMorgan

some pics at the random dude's house:
Then we go to a reader's interaction with RBC Center security.
Dateline: 7:54 PM — Game Three
f***ing ridiculous……got into a scuffle in the f***ing bathroom in
my f***ing lemieux jersey……2 douchebags started shit with me in
the bathroom and i pushed one of them and they slipped and fell on the
nasty bathroom floor and someone got security over and they
escorted me out.  f*** the RBC and f*** the canes.  going back to my
hotel to watch.  120$ down the f***ing drain.  let everyone know how
shitty the f***ing security is there f***ing douches.
The presence of that title belt in the parking lot is why we started this blog.
The guys who organized the tailgate are simply amazing.  The dude that made the flag pole was shitfaced when we showed up around 2:30.  He was manhandling this 15 foot structure made out of the steel used for stop signs and such.  It had to weigh something like 500 lbs, well maybe not that much, and he was running around the parking lot with that bitch yelling "hooooooooooooo".
— Mark S.
Speaking of Hacksaw:
A top-30 photoshop of all time.
Allegedly, these two strangers hooked up in Raleigh just 'cause they were Pens fans.
Can't believe we missed this in the recap.
MAY 25, 1991
:44 second mark.
Final act of "One From The Heart"
Hard not to watch this without tears in your eyes.
CBC montage:
Go Pens