What NHL Players Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a good time to reflect upon your life and think about what you are thankful for.
It’s also a good time to eat a ridiculous amount of food and pass out on the couch with your pants unbuttoned, but that doesn’t lead itself to a blog post quite as well.
So today we’re going to look at what certain NHL players (and coaches, GMs and others) are thankful for.
Scott Hartnell: Fresh fingers with dipping sauce
Nicklas Lidstrom: His working testicle
Mike Richards: The fact that his leadership kept him from being suspended
David Booth: dsajc9d320dcnxcd320dxjkbn;ku/m,.h
Martin Brodeur: White Castle
Patrick Kane: Exact change
Marian Hossa: Wise decision making
Joe Thornton: Long summer vacations each year
Alex Ovechkin: Himself. And the Hart Trophy; clearly the only award that matters
Michel Therrien: Contracts with guaranteed money
Chris Osgood: Team defense
Mike Green: His own awesomeness and GreenLife52
Tony Granato: Evil master plans
Chris Pronger: His wife being okay with living in Philadelphia
The Atlanta Thrashers: That Pens fans buy tickets to their games
Gary Roberts: Fiji Water
Steven Stamkos: Gary Roberts
Gary Bettman: Sidney Crosby (Woooooo)
The Phoenix Coyotes: Gary Bettman
Dany Heatley: Only another few years until he can demand to be traded again
Pensblog Charlie: Another male Pensblog writer
Wayne Gretzky: That he has any sort of legacy left after embarrassing himself behind the bench on a nightly basis for years
Sean Avery: Sloppy second helpings
Montreal fans: It won’t be the team’s 100th anniversary for much longer
Chris Clark: That he somehow still holds onto the “C” in Washington
Craig Anderson: Confidence in the fact that no matter what else happens this season, he’s already exceeded expectations
Bruce Boudreau: Five dollar foot longs
Ryan Malone: Getting hit in the face with a puck in 2008
Eric, Jordan, Marc and Jared Staal: The sod farm
Eric Lindros: Excedrin
Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli: The Leafs’ struggles this season
Pierre McGuire: The chance to sit between two benches filled with young, athletic men on a regular basis
Chris Bourque: Teammate injuries
Happy Thanksgiving